Student essay: Irritating types of people at the gym

Everyone who has ever been to a gym knows there are certain types of people that irritate you more than others. They are people you can’t stand because they are violating some norms of fair behavior among a group of people. Here is a list of different types of people who drive me crazy.

1. Mobile phone guys
This group encompasses the ones that have mobiles with them all the time. Ok, there is nothing wrong with keeping your phone in your pocket, because today our lifestyle is dependent on mobile phones and you never know when your boss will call you. But there are certain people that have to send a message to a friend, or even worse, chat with him between every two exercises.


I don’t know if I got it right, but going to a gym should mean that you want to take some time off from your social network of friends and spend it by yourself in order to do something good for your health or relax after a tough day. What’s even worse, texting or talking on the phone all the time can really irritate other people, because while you are texting/talking, someone else could be using your machine and do the exercises he wants.

2. I-know-everything guys
There is no way you have gone to the gym and haven’t met this type. Those are usually the ones that go to the same gym for a dozen of years, but absurdly, they doesn’t look fit at all. They will regularly come up to you and start to theoretically explain everything to you. Literally everything. There is no muscle in your body for which they don’t know at least three exercises. I mean, thank you, but if I need advice, there is a trainer at every gym whom I can ask. You will especially be a target of these I-know-everything guys if you are a girl who has recently enrolled in the gym. If so, may you rest in peace, because those guys will kill you with their suggestions.


3. Thinly clothed guys
I know the majority of people go to the gym to build their muscles in order to look good. Basically, I can’t argue with that, because we all want to look good. But want I can and want to argue against are the ones who wear specific clothes in order to look good. For example, those who wear close-fitting, tiny clothes so as to look more muscular.

I mean, if you are really strong, we will notice it even if you wear normal clothes. In those tight/tiny clothes, you just look like a giant penis in a condom. It’s awful. Also, men who only wear undershirts and women who only wear sport bras also belong to this group. I know you want to show off what a well-shaped body you have, but please keep those clothes for a beach. A good body just isn’t an excuse for looking slutty.


4. I’m-in-love-with-myself guys
You will easily notice them since 90% of the time they spend at the gym is within view of a mirror. There is no pause between two exercises which they won’t spend looking at how big their muscles are. If you are unlucky, and there are two of them at the same time when you are at the gym, there is a likelihood they you will have to go to the toilet due to needing to throw up. Because the conversations and comparisons they make can’t be stomached by even by the most experienced gym-goers. They will compare every single muscle on their body and will pose in every single position in the front of the mirror. So the best option for your psychological state is to move as far away from them as possible.


5. The-world-is-mine guys
Overcrowded gyms are a big problem, but you can’t do anything about it. But even that would be easily tolerable if this group knew how to behave at the gym. These are the ones who, when they install themselves at some machine, won’t move until they finish with it. They are the most arrogant people at the gym, the ones that think their work-out schedule is the Bible. For them it doesn’t matter that their exercise may last one minute, and then there is a five-minute break during which five other people could use the same machine without causing any complications to the exercise schedule of the first guy. What matters for them is that their ass has the convenience of doing whatever they want, because somehow the gym is only for them.


6. I’m-the strongest-one guys
This group is comprised of gym rats who know the gym better than their homes. They spend half of their free time at the gym and, to be honest, they look really strong. It is more or less the same population as from point 4 of this article. They want to let everyone know how strong they are and aim to be the strongest person at the gym. Which doesn’t make sense. Because only one person is the strongest, and by scanning the gym you can be pretty sure which one it is. So there is no need for trying hard to stand out to show it’s you. And if you are THE ONE, there is a big possibility that you look awful. Because looking strong doesn’t mean looking good. It just means that a long time ago you crossed the line that divides the good-looking-fit guy from awful-muscled-bodybuilder guy.

Written by: Marko Primožić