Start dates

Summer is still hanging in there (Stay strong, summer!) but there’s no denying it’s on its way out the door. There is a bright side, though… it’s back to school time!

So pack up that sun-tan lotion, whip out those highlighters, and go pick yourself up a brand new Moleskine. Get ready to rock and roll with:

Conversation classes, starting the week of September 5th
5-week essay writing classes starting the week of October 9th

Book your spot, tell a friend, and prepare for a season of learning and self-improvement with reading, writing, and thought-provoking conversations with the coolest kids in town.

(Yes, it’s possible to join after the week of Sept. 5th …but why would you want to wait?? 🙂

Listen to one of countless fascinating and educational podcasts by my absolute favorite guru to warm up:

Hope to see you soon!