Win a panoramic flight at our next grammar workshop!

Win a panoramic flight at our next grammar workshop!

Win a panoramic flight at our next grammar workshop!



On Saturday, September 24th, at 5 p.m., we’re running a hybrid workshop on word order in English sentences. The workshop is free for Speak Up students, and 150 Kuna for non-students. You can join in person at Medveščak 13 or online, and you’re going to want to bring a friend. Or two. Or ten. 🙂.

This workshop is not only a chance for you to better understand how word order rules in English differ from those in Croatian (and boy, do they differ!) as well as get in some good practice and brush up your skills, but it is also a chance to win a pretty awesome prize: a free panoramic flight over Zagreb or Miami! (There are two winners, and both get a free air tour of Zagreb. Whoever wins first place can opt to swap the prize for a free air tour of The Magic City if they’re joining us on our trip this year!)


How to play and win 

All workshop participants get 1 point for each friend they bring to the workshop, and 1 additional point for each friend who enrols in classes after the workshop. The two workshop attendees who collect the most points win. If there is a tie, we will do a raffle. It’s as simple as that 😊.


Attending the workshop?

Register here!



Is this prize transferrable? 

Yes, this prize is transferrable. If you win, but want to gift the flight to someone else, you are welcome to!


Can I win the flight in Miami if I win second place? 

Only if the first-place winner doesn’t plan on going to Miami.


Do I have to be a student/currently taking classes to qualify for the prize? 

No, you do not have to be a current or former student to qualify. Anybody who receives this email, no matter who shared it with them, can participate in the workshop and qualify to win the prize.


If I enrol, does my enrolment count as a point for me? 

No. It counts as a point for the person who invited you.


How will you know who invited whom? 

There will be a separate form that attendees who have registered for the workshop will be asked to fill out the day of the event. Attendees will list the names of everyone they invited to the workshop in this form. We will check attendance to count the scores after the workshop to name the winners 😊.


When is the trip to Miami? 

This year’s trip to Miami will again be in January, but the exact dates won’t be set in stone until the end of September. We’ll be sending out a newsletter soon. If you’re interested in joining, get in touch by November 1st at the very latest to find out more and book your spot! A maximum of 14 people can go.


We hope to see you at the workshop! Get in touch if you have any questions.