“Topic” VS “subject” VS “theme”

Put most simply, theme in English is like motiv in Croatian.

The theme is the central message or the perception that is conveyed through the piece of writing. Any piece of writing, be it a story, poem or an essay, has a theme. In fact, there can be more than one theme; themes can be further divided into major themes and minor themes according to their importance.

While on the other hand…..

The topic is the subject discussed in a piece of writing, and it explains what a story/essay/article is about. Topics are easy to identify as writers generally use a direct approach to define and explain the general subject of their works. The topic is clearly stated at the beginning of an essay or another academic piece of writing.

For those of you who are thirsty to learn more, we can throw “subject” into the mix 🙂

A topic defines a particular aspect that will be covered in conversation or in any written form, whereas subject is used in context to a wider aspect of knowledge. A subject cannot be a part of a topic whereas a subject may have many topics covered in it. However, topic and subject may be used interchangeably if they are used to denote the important aspect of a document, lecture, discussion, presentation or a conversation.

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